Thursday, March 7, 2013

Configuring Apache HTTP Server along with Glassfish Application Server

This month i was given tasks in a new project that is using Oracle Glassfish as an application server, and after finishing the development phase, my team leader assigned to me a task to install the testing server environment.

One of the sub-tasks of the installation is to configure Apache HTTP Server along with Glassfish.. And here are what i have done to accomplish my task..

1. Install Apache HTTP Server, and Mod_JK
2. Configure under APACHE_HOME/conf/

3. Enable mod_jk in httpd.conf "its commented by default"
4. Configure apache httpd.conf located under APACHE_HOME/conf/httpd.conf

5. Restart Apache HTTP Server "./apachectl restart"
6. Create Glassfish listener to recvieve requests

asadmin --user admin --host localhost --port 4848 set

7. Restart Glassfish

FYI, There is another way but very slow compared to this way, using mod_proxy and configuring a virtual host to redirect to the application server.

Now enjoy redirecting all your requests to the Glassfish Application Server, and now you can deploy it on another machine "For security purposes"..