Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Smart clinic

I am done with the development of a clinic patient management system 'Smart-Clinic'. Its a simple system that allows doctors manage their patients' personal data as well as their followups, also it allows them to compute clinic statistics and manage clinic reservations and much more :).
  • Technologies used:
    1. Java programming language
    2. Spring MVC framework
    3. Hibernate
    4. MySQL DB
    5. JQuery javascript library
  • System features:
  1. Manage patients personal data
  2. Create-Edit-Delete-Restore patients
  3. View patient personal data
  4. Search patients by name
  5. Search patients by diagnoses
  6. Search patients by age
  7. Manage patients' followups
  8. Create-Edit-Delete patients' followups
  9. View patients' followups
  10. Search patients' followups
  11. Manage diagnoses and medications
  12. Manage reservations
  13. Manage todays reservations
  14. Calendar view for patient's reservations
  15. View reservations by date
  16. View diagnoses statistics for clinic patients
  17. View monthly clinic patients statistics
  18. Multilingual support (Now English-Arabic support)
  19. Backup for clinic database
    • Video demo

    Waiting for your feedback :).


    1. very good start. But of course it needs lot of enhancements, UI work, more features, genericism ...

    2. Osama, yes i believe it needs some UI enhancements and some more features that will be added in the next phase ISA

    3. Abo se7sooooooooooo :)
      Nice job ya kber :) M3rfsh enta 3amel el klam dah be Vignette wla la2 laqaddar Allah :D ..
      ... Ana 3nde bs some comments ..
      1- "7abba 7'an2a b2a " .. No diseases found bel akhdr ya kber :D
      2- Ana m3rfsh elfollow up dah enta 2sdk beh a ?
      bs ana motkhyl mafroud ykon feh 7aga btkhle el mared fe el bet yktb kol yom eh elly by7sl lel marad .. msln darget el 7arara kol yom kam .. w ama khdt el dawa dah 3ml kaza w kaza... methay2ly dah hayzwd el experience bta3t el Dr w kman haykhle el followup daily aktr mnoh weekly aw kol appointment m3 el Dr .. fahmny wla a :) ?
      3- "7abba tarfeh" .. messenger badal el Telephones w kda 3lshan el 7agz ya3ni
      4- howa el GUI zaref . bs I think you must pass it by a designer 3lshan y7ot lamstoh .. Zaii kda :D .. Faker project el IT :D
      kfaia 3lek kda .. arf3homlak 3la el bugbase wla enta hat3rf3hom :D ?

    4. good job ya hussein, u need to add a titel for every window ex: the confirmation window when u delete patient u can say "warring"
      in the statistics page u need more space btween arabic link and the borer of page
      also in the same screen with arabic language el fliteration box(Daignoses, patient) u should translate it for arabic , in the patients history page u also should translate search word to arabic "ba7th"

    5. i fixed all of these comments really but i think its hard to upload a new video it took many hours to upload it :).. thanks for your great comments :):):)

    6. Wow very nice job man.