Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How to prepare for an interview - 15

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Remember you should discuss these solutions with me, and refer if there are mistakes or other good solutions.


141. Use basic arithmetic operations (+-*/) to implement sqrt function.

142. Intersection of n sets without using a hash table.

143. Given a matrix with 1's and 0's, find the number of groups of 1's. A group is defined by horiz/vertically adjacent 1's.

144. Given a file with 3-letter words, print all 3x3 with each row, column and diagonal being one of the words from given file.

145. Given n+1 buckets with n of them with ball inside and move(a,b) function, that moves ball from bucket a to bucket b. Each ball has a different number from [1,n] on it. Move balls, so each bucket has a ball with matching number in it.

146. Find the center of graph(vertex, that is connected with every other vertex, but edges are directed to the center of graph).

147. Insert a node in a singly linked circular list given any node in the list.

148. Given two sorted arrays, please merge them into a single array and still sorted. how to determine the size of array?

149. Multiply two big integers which don't fit into an built-in integer type. How would you represent big numbers as a data structure? Write the function to multiply two big integers.

150. Given set of coins and each coin has its unique probability to be head up, say double[] probs stores the probability values for all coins, print out all different cases and accordingly probability.


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